Hon'ble Lyonnchen's first Gewog visit

Sat, 01 December 2018
Tue, 31 December 2019

Hon'ble Lyonnchen's first Gewog visit


The first day of December,2018, will now be special for the people of Genekha gewog, Thimphu, as Prime Minister (PM), Dr. Lotay Tshering chose the gewog as the first one to be visited, after becoming the PM of Bhutan. Moreover, the PM is the gewog’s representative in the National Assembly, as Genekha falls under South

Thimphu constituency, fromw here the PM contested. Apart from thanking the people of Genekha for their support, the PM underlined that the government is not the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) government. Instead, it is the “Royal Government of Bhutan,” the PM said. The PM also reiterated DNT’s stand that the Royal Government of Bhutan would work without partisan and serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum with integrity and hard-work.


Genekha Gup, Karma Gyeltshen said that the visit of the PM is very significant. “The people here are proud that their representative is the PM and they have been looking forward to this visit.”


When asked what transpired during the meet, Gup Karma Gyeltshen said the PM ensured people that all pledges made before the elections would be fulfilled. “Lyonchhen also said that if he has time, he will visit the gewog once every month for medical check-ups,” the Gup said. After meeting the people of Genekha Gewog, Lyonchhen Dr. LotayTshering met 100 scouts and the faculty of Wangbarma Central School (Upper Campus), where students from 10 schools under Thimphu Dzongkhag are participating in the 3rd Gyalsey Nachung Camp. The camp’s theme is “Together for Positive Change” and aimed towards strengthening scouting program and to celebrate the birth of His Royal Highness the Gyalsey. The 3rd Gyalsey Nachung Camp ends on December 3, 2018. Earlier Camps were held on September 11, 2016 at Jemina Primary School and on December 22, 2016 at Punakha Central School.


Meeting the Scouts, Lyonchhen urged the students to “‘Be Prepared” at all times and spread the discipline a Scout has, to other students. Lyonchhen said that a scout must think properly and act only after understanding. He added that being mindful in whatever one does is an asset for a lifetime. Lyonchhen thanked the

Scouts and teachers for their time and for conducting such initiatives to keep the youth engaged.


Vice Principal of Wangbama Central School, Tshering Dorji, said that the visit by the PM shows the importance attached to education and the youth. “The PM conveyed his gratitude for the support from the people, which led to the formation of the government by Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa.


He also said that the government is not the DNT government, but the Royal Government of Bhutan,” Tshering Dorji said. He also added that the PM could not visit the school and had pledged that he would visit the school later. Meanwhile, the people of the four chiwogs of Genekha also offered Tashi khadar to Lyonchhen. En-route to Genekha, Lyonchhen offered prayers at the Chizhi Goenpa.


- Published by 'The Journalist' Vol 09, Issue 46