Measles and Rubella Vaccination Campaign Report 2018

26 September 2018

There was Measles outbreak in the National Institute for Zorigchusum Students Kawangjangsa, Thimphu. The blood sample was investigated and it was confirmed that the cases was Measles outbreak. Health Sector, Dzongkhag Administration Thimphu in close coordination and collaboration with the Principal and the staff of the Institute has planned Measles and Rubella vaccination campaign on 9.8.2018.

343 students including the staff age ranging from 9 months to 40 years were vaccinated against the Measles and Rubella for further prevention in the Institute and community. This year a total of 7’843 Children, women and males age ranging from 9 months to 40 years was vaccinated in the risk areas RBP, RBA and RBG and family members from July, 2018 till date. Such campaign will facilitate us to prevent outbreaks and save especially the lives of under five children. The people were sensitized on the importance of the Measles vaccination campaign. There is also provision to organize such vaccination campaign in the risk areas especially Kalu Bazaar and Lungtenzampa Bus station.


- Dy. Chief Dzongkhag Health Officer