School Health Program

06 September 2018

A Comprehensive School Health Programme activity was carried out for Annual Health check-up of the students and Staff of Kuzhugchen MSS, Hongtsho Pry.School and Yangchen Gatshel MSS, Thimphu Dzongkhag.


A medical Team consists of the following Professionals ENT, Dental, Eye and Health workers has visited the following Schools for annual health check-up from 3rd -5th September, 2018.
1.    Hongtsho Pry. School, Chang Geog.
2.    Yangchen Gatshel MSS, Dargala Geog&
3.    Kuzhugchen MSS, Kabesa Geog.


The objectives were:

1.    To carry out annual health-check up for the students and Teachers by the health professionals.
2.    To create awareness on the various diseases like NCDs and CDs and for prevention
3.    Early detection of the diseases and for referral to JDWNRH if necessary &
4.    To prevent them suffering from the complications.
A brief health talk/message was delivered to the students and staff on the high risk of TB and MDR treatment failure and the challenges faced in Bhutan and globally and the very important of the on-going programme in the Schools during the Assembly.  

The health team has screened and checked the students and staff for BMI, Ear, nose, Eyes, toot carries and general physical of the students in the following Schools:

1.    Hongtsho Pry. School      - 141 Students.
2.    Yangchen Gatshel MSS   - 456 Students
3.    Khuzhugchen MSS           -531 Students.
4.    Total No. of students screened= 1,128

During the screening many of the students were found suffering from eyes, ear and dental carries problems and common diseases which is very essential for them to go for follow-up in the BHUs and further investigation for correct diagnosis, treatment and management needed in the JDWNRH. The Principal and the Focal health coordinator is informed and requested for necessary action.

Conclusion: The programme was a resounding success and this is all owing to the un-wavering support and kind cooperation of the Principals, Teachers and students.

The Dzongkhag Health Sector and team members would like to thank to all the Principals and Teachers for their support and looking forward for your continuity assistance. The Health sector also would like to thank for Dasho. Dzondag and Dzongrab for kind administrative approval and financial support.  


-Dy. Chief DHO