Award of excellence certificate

13 August 2018

Visit schedule

13th August 2018 - Yangchen gatshel MSS

14th August 2018 - Kuzuchen MSS

17th August 2018 - Khasadrapchu MSS

20th August 2018 - Wangbama CS


As human beings we have an inherent duty to others. Thus, we will most likely find true success and happiness when we combine our ambitions and goals with that of being a good human being.”

                                                                                 - His Majesty the King


It is mandate to award the excellence certificate received from the throne to the students by the respective Dzongda. The Dzongda for Thimphu Dzongkhag too awarded the certificate to those who have topped from class VI – XII for every school in the academic year 2016 and 2017 under Thimphu Dzongkhag. The principal and students of school in the morning assembly received Dasho Dzongda who has come as the representative of His Majesty the King.

The morning assembly started with lighting of the butter lamps and the marching ceremony. Dasho talked to the students and the main highlights of his talk were;

  • Each individual need to work hard to make oneself a successful person. He stated, “Work like a dog” and ” move like a cheetah”.

  • Each one of us need to preserve the sovereignty and identity of our country.


He then awarded the certificate to all those recipients of the excellence certificate. 


After the award, Dasho met the teachers and informed on the country’s recent initiatives such as IWP and also about the opportunity beyond boundaries. He talked about the discipline; financial discipline, marital discipline and administrative discipline.

Dasho’s visit to the school, sharing his wisdom with the students and teachers was inspiring and successful.


- Dy. Chief DEO